Should Dudes Harness the Power of Ball Powder?

Should Dudes Harness the Power of Ball Powder?

Few dudes will praise testicles as the most comfortable accessory of their physique. The nether regions face an onslaught of foes like sweaty balls, jock itch, chafing, and swamp crotch. Body powder, an old head of freshness, defends against many of the same problems our nads face. Is body powder the solution for fresh balls? 

From Baby Powder to Ball Powder

In 1893, baby powder was launched in the US to the cheer of sleep-deprived Mammas everywhere. Labeled for toilet and nursery use, it didn't take long for dudes to begin experimenting with it.

The first powder's main ingredient was the now controversial talc. Talc is a mineral composed of magnesium, silicon, oxygen, and hydrogen. You may recognize talcum powder from super babe McKayla Maroney's hands as she vaulted to USA gold.

Talc's purpose is to block moisture and promote dryness. As we know, friction can lead to chafing, sweating, and stinky body parts. As scientists began to recognize talc as a possible harmful substance, body powders utilized other ingredients. 

The talc-free evolution utilized natural ingredients like cornstarch. It's moisture eliminating technology makes it a practical antiperspirant. With the addition of fragrances derived from menthol, witch hazel, green tea, or essential oils, body powder is a deodorant too. 

Why do Deez Nuts Need Special Care?

The scrotum and the testes contained within create and store sperm for males. This makes our family jewels an essential component to the creation of life itself. Holding this valuable cargo means special protection. 

Overheating is the primary danger for sperm production. Apocrine glands cover the scrotum as a defense. Our body's primary response to heat is sweat. Think of the apocrine glands as super sweat glands. Unfortunately, this protection creates some really sweaty balls

The increased sweat production isn't the only concern for the man berries. With such proximity to the thighs, the nutsack is a constant source of friction. With friction comes the dreaded chafe.

The Benefits of Ball Powder

      • Dryness and moisture-wicking ability 
      • Reduce friction and prevent chafing
      • Odor protection

Cojones Friendly Stuff

When deciding to take the leap of turning body powder into ball powder, the all-natural route is best. Skincare in the nether regions is a delicate art form. We have you covered with ingredients that will fight chafing, dry sweaty balls, and oust the stank without the worry of damaging your boys. 

Corn Starch

Corn starch derives from, you guessed it, corn! An American staple crop of the heartlands. It is the main alternative to talcum powder, and it's used in thousands of grooming products. Expect an immediate dry down of your balls or wherever you choose to toss it. Dryness equals friction-free, and that's what we are looking for here, gentlemen. 

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera comes in powder form, too, not only the green slime version. It's one of the best ingredients on earth for keeping skin healthy. 

Vitamin E

The building block nutrient is essential for humans. When applied to the skin, vitamin E helps protect and strengthen it. 


Chamomile is great in tea but even better for your skin. It's an anti-inflammatory workhorse. There is a reason it's been an herbal medicine for thousands of years.


An all-natural product derived from various mint plans. Don't confuse menthol with what your buddy smokes. Enjoy the minty fresh scent and cooling sensation.


A heavyweight prizefighter against jock itch and swamp crotch. Calamine is an effective anti-itch solution. 


No, not the quaker stuff. This all-natural product comes from oats and is praised for its anti-itch abilities. 

Junk to Avoid


We need to get with the times, people. Yes, talcum powder was great for dryness in the 1880's but a growing consensus of scientists label it harmful. We especially don't recommend it for your pride and joys down below.


Yes, it has powerful antiperspirant abilities but at what cost? It is a heavy metal, after all. For any body powder, especially some for your balls, go aluminum-free.

Artificial fragrances 

Stick to as close of an all-natural product as possible. Chemical-based fragrances might smell nice, but you don't even know what's in them.


Parabens are chemicals and artificial preservatives. They have their uses but covering your coin purse ain't one. 

Dudes...We Know a Ball Powder

Turns out, we already know the ideal powder for your body and nuts. Enlightened homies know about Dude Powder, do you? If not, here is the rundown:

  • Talc-free with an all-natural, moisture-wicking, corn starch derived powder.
  • Soothing and protective to the utmost sensitive areas with aloe vera, vitamin-E, chamomile, calamine, and colloidal oatmeal
  • Scents of Fragrance Free, Menthol Chill, or Tropical Breeze
  • Long lasting stank protection 

So, we are sort of thinking it's time to upgrade from baby powder. Fresh balls should be a goal of all mankind and Dude Powder is your first class ticket. 

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