Wetter Is Better.

You wouldn’t wash your face with a dry washcloth, so why would you clean your butt with dry TP?

Dude Wipes vs. TP

Dude wipes always gives you a clean getaway, no matter how dirty the job.

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99% water and plant-based ingredients

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No more small wipes after a big burrito!


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Soaked in aloe vera and vitamin-E


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Join the 1.5 billion butts we wipe every year and change the way you wipe with DUDE Wipes.


Chad, 22

Frat guy

Chad upgraded the house with refreshing DUDE Wipes. His housemates haven’t let him pay for a beer since.

John, 54

Long-haul truck driver

John has struggled to kick his toilet paper habit for years. He finally found a chap-free life.

Jane, 42

Mother of two stinky sons

Jane found a way to bring her closer to her family of boys. With the stank gone, she can now live a fresh and clean life.

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