6 Reasons Your Bathroom Smells Like Poop (and What to Do About It)

6 Reasons Your Bathroom Smells Like Poop (and What to Do About It)

Having a bathroom that smells like ass (literally) isn’t just unpleasant—it’s embarrassing and possibly a health hazard for homeowners. Considering the average American spends over 300 hours a year in their home restroom, it’s understandable how you don’t want fecal remnants wafting up your nostrils.

Unfortunately, tracking down the source of that poopy smell can be difficult. Are plumbing issues to blame? Or is it the metaphorical plumbing in your gut (AKA super stinky dumps)?

We’re glad you asked. In this article, we’ll cover five potential reasons why your bathroom smells like poop and how you can eliminate that odor for good.

1. Lack of Ventilation

When you flush your toilet, microscopic poop particles fly into the air. If you don’t have good ventilation in the bathroom, those particles linger around, causing that all-too-familiar foul smell. 

What to do: As scientists say, “the solution to pollution is dilution.” In other words, you need to get fresh air into your bathroom to dilute the poopy air. The two most obvious tactics here are turning on the fan and/or opening a window. 

Don’t have a fan or a window? Spray DUDE Bombs before you poop. It uses a subtle blend of natural essential oils like cedarwood and fir to make your toilet smell fresh and conceal the evidence of your dirty deed—no matter how crappy your bathroom ventilation is.

2. Low Water Pressure

Ideally, a single flush should get rid of all your turds. But if your toilet has low water pressure, you might leave skid marks on your toilet bowl or little poop scraps that survived the flush. These remnants can make your bathroom smell like poop if you ignore them.

What to do: Talk to a plumber about options to boost your flush power—but in the meantime, always do a courtesy flush for safe measure.

3. Full Septic Tank

Normally, solids from bathroom waste settle in the bottom of your septic tank where it breaks down. But when bathroom waste in your septic tank rises higher than normal, it clogs the pipes in your home. 

If your septic tank is full, you might notice a sewer smell in your bathroom. Other common signs of a full septic tank are slow drainage, gurgling water, and waste backing up into your tub drains and toilets.

What to do: Call a plumber to drain your septic tank. They’ll use a long hose to pump out the tank.

4. Leaky Wax Ring Seal

Most household toilets have a wax ring that seals them to the floor and prevents mold from building up. However, if that ring breaks, slides out of place, or dries out, wastewater can leak out from the base of the toilet. Another sign of a dysfunctional wax ring seal is a wobbly toilet.

What to do: You’ll have to replace the wax ring seal, which is a pain in the ass unless you’re a home improvement pro.

5. Dry P-trap

A P-trap is a small, curved fixture inside a sink or shower drain that retains water and prevents sewer gas from leaking into your home. If you don’t use the bathroom for a while, the P-trap dries out, allowing sewer stench to creep in.

This can make your bathroom smell like sulfur or rotten eggs (which often gets mistaken for poop). 

What to do: Running water through the drain every couple of days keeps the P-trap hydrated.

6. Clogged Drain Pipe in Your Tub or Shower

If there’s a blockage in your shower or tub drain, water doesn’t flow through to wash away nasty odors. This can be caused by a buildup of hair, dirt, soap scum, and personal hygiene products. This isn’t making your bathroom smell like poop, per se—but it’s a foul smell nonetheless.

What to do: If you’re looking for a DIY hack, start by pouring hot water down the clogged drain, followed by a solution of one cup baking soda/one cup white vinegar. Cover the drain plug and wait ten minutes, then flush again with hot water. If that doesn’t do the trick, buy a bottle of drain cleaner.

Destroy the Evidence of Your Dumps

If a plumbing issue is the source of your smelly bathroom, don’t try to be a DIY hero. Call a professional plumber or else you might make the problem (and smell) worse than it already is.

But if it’s simply your daily deuces that are making your bathroom reek like a dead animal, the power is in your hands. DUDE Bombs Toilet Spray is designed to destroy every trace of evidence from your bowel movements. Just spray 2-3 pumps into the toilet and get down to business.

Unlike scented candles, air fresheners, and aerosol sprays, DUDE Bombs Spray is subtle, so your bathroom won’t smell like you pooped in a pine forest. You can walk around like your sh*t don’t stank—for real.

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