Butt-Chugging Is the Worst Way to Get Drunk (Trust Us)

butt chugging

Dudes have invented countless creative ways to ingest their alcohol, from beer bongs to shot skis to hands-free guzzler helmets. But there’s no technique that rivals the intensity (and invasiveness) of butt-chugging.

For the uninitiated, butt-chugging is when you take your booze up your butt, rather than down your throat. If this sounds painful, dangerous, and unnatural, that’s because it is. And yet, the countless horror stories haven’t stopped dudes from butt-chugging their favorite libations.

Technically, you can butt-chug any type of liquid. But the term is almost exclusively reserved for consuming alcoholic drinks—and that’s where the problems start.

In this article, we trace the ancient origins of butt chugging, explain how it works, and revisit some of the most disturbing cases of butt-chugging gone wrong.

What Does ‘Butt-Chugging’ Mean?

“Butt-chugging” is a slang term for ingesting alcohol through your anus—usually through a funnel or a soaked tampon. It’s also known as boofing, or in scientific terms, an alcohol enema. 

The main goal of butt-chugging is to get drunk faster than you can by drinking. When you consume booze into your butt, the alcohol bypasses your liver’s filtering processes and goes straight into your bloodstream, creating an instant, intense buzz. In other words, you’re short-circuiting your body’s poison control system.

Tempted to take a shot of tequila up your keister? Not so fast. 

Butt chugging is a dangerous (and potentially deadly) way to imbibe. Since the alcohol doesn’t go into your stomach, your body can’t reject the alcohol by vomiting if you consume too much.

Butt chugging is also risky because your lower gastrointestinal tract doesn’t have the same alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme in the stomach that breaks down ethanol into acetaldehyde, which is more toxic than ethanol (drinking alcohol).

The History of Butt-Chugging

The term “butt-chugging” got popular in 2006 after Steve-O completed the feat in Jackass Number Two. However, the art of blasting alcohol up one’s butt has been around for thousands of years. 

A research report from 2015 notes that ancient Mayans did butt-chugging rituals—they even added psychoactive substances to reach a state of ecstasy. BuzzFeed dug up some old photos that suggest dudes were butt-chugging during colonial times, the Civil War, prohibition, and Woodstock.

The earliest Urban Dictionary entry for butt-chugging dates back to 2008. This checks out, given there was a slew of articles around that time documenting how butt-chugging became the preferred binge drinking technique for college students at frat parties.

From here, butt-chugging weaved its way into pop culture. It was a key plot point in a 2011 episode of Law & Order as well as a 2008 episode of CSI.

Bottom line: once people figured out you could get wasted without having to taste alcohol, they were happy to spread their cheeks.

How to Butt-Chug

There are three main butt-chugging techniques: the funnel, the enema, and the soaked tampon (AKA “slimming”). Let’s take a closer look at each kind.

1. The Funnel

The most popular butt-chugging technique is to stick a tube up your rectum, which is connected to a funnel. From here, the alcohol is poured into your b-hole. It’s basically a beer bong for your butt.

This is the same technique Steve-O employed in Jackass, and arguably the most straightforward. Pro butt-chuggers often recommend lubricating the tube, so as to achieve an easy entry through the back door.

2. The Enema

Enemas are typically administered by doctors to cleanse or stimulate your bowels, often to treat constipation. However, some folks use enemas to squirt their drink of choice up their ass.

You start this technique by filling an enema bag with booze. From here, you insert the nozzle into your rear, then squeeze the liquid into your colon.

Fair warning: enemas are known to stimulate sudden bowel movements, so butt-chugging can quickly turn into butt-blasting.

3. The Soaked Tampon

Perhaps the most controversial technique for anal alcohol consumption is the soaked tampon, also known as “slimming.” It’s exactly what it sounds like: you take a tampon, soak it in alcohol, then insert it up your derriere—and it’s not just for the ladies.

This technique first gained notoriety in 2011, when Eater proclaimed that vodka-soaked tampons were “menacing America’s youth.”

Slimming might not seem as aggressive as funneling a beer down your poop chute, but it still produces the same immediate, intense, dangerous effects.

How Dangerous Is Butt-Chugging?

Consuming alcohol can be risky, no matter what hole it goes into. That said, butt chugging introduces a whole new level of danger, especially when you’re consuming large amounts of alcohol.

For starters, butt-chugging raises your blood alcohol content (BAC) way faster than drinking, so it’s easy to over-consume. On top of that, you aren’t able to puke out the excess booze when you butt chug, which increases your likelihood of alcohol poisoning. 

Don’t take our word for it though—the internet is littered with stories of near-death (and actual death) experiences stemming from butt-chugging.

In 2004, a 58-year-old man in Texas died after his wife poured three liters of sherry wine into his butt. A decade later, a 52-year-old man was found dead after taking a self-administered wine enema.

One of the most infamous butt-chugging stories occurred in 2012 when a University of Tennessee Pi Kappa Alpha member was treated for severe alcohol poisoning after "allegedly" butt-chugging boxed wine. The student later denied the rumors, stating that he knew nothing about butt-chugging and threatening to get revenge on the media. 

Bottom line: if you’re in the mood for an alcoholic beverage, put it in your mouth—not your butthole.

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