It's All About that Glow: How to Prevent Dehydrated Skin

It's All About that Glow: How to Prevent Dehydrated Skin

Between dehydrated skin, dry skin, moisturizers, and oily skin; a skincare routine can be as complicated as a 400-level physics class. But we're here to help. In this post you'll learn the differences between dehydrated skin and dry skin and what to do about it.

What’s the Difference Between Dehydrated Skin and Dry Skin?!

A lack of hydration causes dehydrated skin. A decreased amount of natural oils causes dry skin. Dry skin is a genetic skin type, so there isn’t much guy can do to prevent it, but he can treat it.

If you suffer from the dry skin type, the name of the game is preventing oil loss. According to the Mayo Clinic, dry skin treatments are the use of moisturizers, limiting warm water exposure, avoiding harsh soaps, using a humidifier, and choosing naturally-based clothing.

Causes of the Dehydrated Skin Condition 

You Drinking Enough Water, Bro?

Our body contains 60% water and is perpetually in a hydration battle. Studies have found that over half of the US population has a serious problem drinking enough water. Not drinking enough water can lead to all sorts of problems for overall health, including skin dehydration.

The ole' reliable maneuver is eight glasses of water a day. It varies with body weight, but sticking to that hydrate rule will do wonders for your skin and health. But you don’t need to turn into that hardo that lugs around a two-month-old gallon of water at the gym. Invest in a reusable and high-quality water bottle and wait for the glow.

We are What We Eat 

If you consistently eat like a slob, you are going to look like a slob. Our skin relies on the nutrients we take in. Our skin shines best with a diet that includes high omega-3 fatty acids and healthy oils. Eating better will help both dehydrated skin and dry skin. A poor diet is a major cause of breakouts like acne and blackheads.

Too Many Crispy Boys

It happens to the best of us. We don't realize how many cans of suds we pounded until it's too late. One of the main culprits of a terrible hangover? Dehydration. When our body is desperate to hydrate, our vital organs come first. Since the skin is the largest organ in the body, it is the first source to ensure our organs have enough water. So if your insides feel like a bomb went off, imagine how your skin feels.

Puffin like a Chimney

Legendary dude and US hero Ulysses S. Grant smoked over 20 cigars a day. It is no surprise that his mug looked like your little league glove found in your parents’ attic. Smoking is awful for our skin's moisture. It draws away hydrating nutrients from the skin's surface. Smoking will turn the face’s fine lines into dark circles. It will dehydrate the skin it touches and can cause permanent damage like wrinkles. If you're looking to save your skin, quitting smoking is the best place to start.

Are You Tougher Than the Sun?

The answer is NO. Don't think you can take on a fireball the size of one million Earths. Too much exposure to the sun will dehydrate and damage the skin. Think of raisins or beef jerky. Always wear sunscreen when in the sun. Consider a daily moisturizer that contains a small amount of SPF protection. Drinking water while baking in the sun is a given, we hope.

Climate Change 

Like exposure to the sun, too much dryness or hot water will dehydrate the skin. We all love a long hot shower but overdoing it will make your skin like an old horse’s saddle. If your bedroom is dry, you might be running the air conditioning too much like an ice cream truck. Consider purchasing a humidifier and letting that puppy run all night.

Know What You Are Slathering 

The walk down the skincare aisle of the pharmacy is intimidating. There is never a shortage of dermatologist-recommended miracle cures seen on social media. Any time a product results in burning, flaking, or itchiness, stop using it. Before recommendations of products, there are ingredients to avoid:

  • Denatured alcohol 
  • Peppermint 
  • Fragrances
  • The overuse of clay masks 

The Best Skincare Routines

The plethora of skincare products is absurd. We covered things to avoid, so here are some items to consider:

  • A gentle cleanser — Cleans the skin before other products can enter the chat .
  • Products with hyaluronic acid — A naturally occurring substance that retains moisture levels and prevents skin dehydration .
  • Products with high levels of Vitamin C. 
  • A night cream with retinol — Vitamin A originated cream. Overuse can lead to flaking
  • Hydrating sheet masks —The name says it all 
  • Gel-based moisturizers with natural ingredients
  • Toners & Serums — The most natural and antioxidant-filled, the better

Much like caring for our hair, skincare is a delicate balance. It requires a keen understanding and dedication. A skincare routine shouldn't be the same in the morning as it is at night. Like putting on a clean pair of Dude Underwear in the morning, you need to ready your skin for the day. Nighttime care is a time to return water loss to skin cells and moisturizing.

Skin dehydration is a serious skin concern, but with a little time and dedication, you can glow like a supermodel. Understand your skin, find the right products, and create a skincare routine that works for you.

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