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Winter Is Coming, Here's How to Feel Like Life's A Beach All Season Long

Winter Is Coming, Here's How to Feel Like Life's A Beach All Season Long

Just because everyone else will be suffering from the winter blues doesn't mean you have to. Instead, you can keep those bright, shiny feelings from summer in the place it matters most — your pants.



Even though it'll be cold outside, it can still get downright swampy in your third pit, whether you work in a toasty office or are braving the elements outside. For some DUDES, just sitting for a few hours creates a sticky situation that makes you wish you kept an extra pair of underwear at all times.

Then there are the painful and embarrassing ailments you can suffer from if you allow the elements to have their way with your nether regions. We've already extensively covered the horrors of swamp ass, but there are plenty more.

One is "chub rub" aka thigh chafing.



For some people, chub rub (which is basically an adult diaper rash) haunts them year round, which leads them to walking like they just got off a horse. It's better than screaming in agony.

The other is junk funk.



Your nether regions spend the vast majority of their days locked up in the dark, slowly accumulating moisture and bacteria. Allowing this moisture, bacteria, and yeast to fester can cause a truly rancid man musk that could clear a room if it was exposed in the wild. If the bacteria down there isn't cleaned regularly, it can lead to skin care nightmares like a fungal infection, which can require a trip to the dermatologist.

Your junk wants to stay fresh. It doesn't want to make you itch and chafe, but it needs a little help staying high and dry. One anti-chafe technique is trimming your hair down there can help reduce festering sweat and bacteria.

Wearing quality underwear goes a long way in keeping your third pit less swampy. Basic cotton does the trick because its breathable, but the downside is once they get wet, they stay wet. Luckily, we have a solution for that.

If you want to upgrade from cotton, you can invest in some hi-tech underpants that have moisture-wicking fabric.

The other thing you want to avoid is friction. Rough fabrics like denim can contribute to chub rub and aren't great for letting your junk breathe. Looser pants with a lighter fabric can go a long way towards less thigh fire.

But aside from your wardrobe, the single best way to keep your nether regions feeling free and easy is giving them a nice dusting of DUDE Powder after you shower.

Use our new Tropic Breeze DUDE Powder to keep your ball pit smelling clean and fresh. When you feel the game changing tropic breeze, you'll know it's working. We even put together some game changing techniques for you to apply fresh pow to your third pit.

For active DUDES it's always chafing season, so give your boys the sweat and stank protection they deserve. And no, we're not talking about bandelettes or thigh bands. Unlike most body powders, deodorant, or body glide, Tropic Breeze DUDE Powder is talc free and infused with natural odor fighting ingredients like vitamin E & aloe to soothe your inner thighs.



This winter, when your bros are showing the thousand yard stare of winter misery, you'll be light and breezy knowing that life can be tropical all year long. Best of all, you won't have to stoop down to the level of vaseline, silky underwear, or baby powder.

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