Introducing DUDE Nation’s Newest Partner: Fight Colorectal Cancer

Introducing DUDE Nation’s Newest Partner: Fight Colorectal Cancer

Most people know us for fighting Big Toilet Paper (a fight we’re winning), but now we’re taking the next step in a more important fight that transcends bathroom debates: the battle against colorectal cancer.

We’re proud to announce a partnership with Fight Colorectal Cancer (Fight CRC), a nonprofit devoted to finding a cure for this preventable disease and advocating for the individuals and families it impacts.

Back when we started DUDE Wipes in our Chicago apartment, we never imagined something so simple could provide inspiration and support for those battling cancer. But here we are, a decade later, fighting the good fight. 

Get to Know Fight Colorectal Cancer

Fight Colorectal Cancer (Fight CRC) is the leading patient-empowerment and advocacy organization in the United States. They are relentless champions of hope, focused on providing evidence-based information on colon and rectal cancer, funding high-impact research, and ensuring all Americans have access to quality healthcare. Fight CRC’s team grinds all day, every day, leading hundreds of survivors, caregivers, and advocates to ensure their voices are heard.

Since getting started, Fight CRC has donated nearly $2 million in colorectal cancer research, convened scientists and researchers to advance policies that better support patients, and distributed more than 90,000 patient education resources across America. They’re recognized as a top-ranked charity, with every dollar donated going directly to colorectal cancer programs.

Welcome to DUDE Nation, Fight CRC 

Fight CRC has dedicated countless hours to raising awareness of colorectal cancer, but there’s still a lot of work to be done, so we’re doing our part to help close the knowledge gap.

Once a month, we’ll pause our regularly scheduled ruminations on butt stuff and Dude Culture to drop some knowledge about colorectal cancer. These will include essential info about how you can prevent colon cancer, when and where you should get screened, and what you can do to support those affected.

But first, let’s start with the basics.

Colorectal Cancer 101

We’ll spare you the medical jargon and hit you with some quick facts that matter:

  • Colorectal cancer (CRC) refers to both rectal cancer and colon cancer. The colon, or large intestine, is about five to six feet long, beginning at the cecum (the beginning of the large intestine) and ending with the anus. The last five to ten inches of the colon is called the rectum.
  • Cancer located in the rectum is called rectal cancer, and cancer found in the rest of the colon is colon cancer. Some people also refer to colon and rectal cancers as bowel cancer.
  • Common symptoms of colorectal cancer include bloody stool, severe abdominal pain, and drastic changes in your pooping patterns.
  • Colorectal cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer death among men in the United States.
  • According to the New York Times, there has been a sharp increase in colorectal cancer in adults as young as 20 or 30. 
  • If detected early, colorectal cancer is preventable and highly curable, so it’s crucial to stay ahead of the game with regular screenings.

Stay tuned for more tips and inspiring stories. In the meantime, you can head over to Fight CRC’s Facts and Stats page for more information.

Keep wiping and keep fighting, DUDES.

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