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How Often Do Dudes Need To Wash Their Hair?

How Often Do Dudes Need To Wash Their Hair?

Hair care might not seem like a pressing issue, but when you type “how often” into a Google search, the third suggestion after showering and pooping is washing your hair. (We’ve covered both of those topics here and here, respectively.)

So while some of you might have hair game like Don Draper, most of are still as lost as Billy Madison in his bathtub.



By the end of this post you’ll understand exactly what shampoo does to your hair and how often you should wash it, no matter if you have a buzz cut or look like The Dude.

Lay Off The Shampoo

You're probably washing your hair too much.

Why is this a no-no?

The first ingredient in shampoo (and most dry shampoo) is usually ammonium sulfate, which is also used in floor cleaner. By shampooing your hair every day, you’re stripping it of its natural oils, called sebum, causing your hair to be dry and brittle, even drying out your scalp and causing dandruff. As you know, styling dry hair is a nightmare.

We were taught to think that we’re dirty if we don’t shampoo, but it was all a lie. Before shampoo became a household product everyone bought in the 1970s, you used to have to go to a salon to get shampooed.

Paradoxically, the more you dry out your hair by washing it, the more oils your body produces as a way to compensate.

The vast majority of humans should wash their hair 2-3 times per week.

Now, what happens when you go from shampooing every day to 2 times a week?

Your hair may initially feel greasy, but within a month your body will respond by naturally producing less sebum, because your scalp and hair are no longer getting dried out every day. After this adjustment period, you’ll find your hair is actually less greasy on a day-to-day basis than when you shampooed every day.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hop in the shower and rinse your hair on “off days.” This allows you to get rid of excess oil, hair product, dirt, and dead skin, while keeping your natural oils and hair looking good.

The only people that should be shampooing everyday are people with super oily hair (read: pubescent teenagers).



“Conditioner is better!”

One thing you can do is lather up with conditioner as needed, as it rehydrates your hair and replenishes nutrients, instead of stripping them away like shampoo.

However, you don’t have to condition everyday (aka co-washing), just as needed, depending on oily your hair gets. Using conditioner will take care of frizzy hair, make it easier to use hair product, and keep your hair silky and smooth.

No longer does DUDE Nation have to abide by the tyranny of shampooing daily. Like Samson, you are now free to keep the power of your natural essence. Stay fresh out there, dudes.

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