10 Ways A Dude Can Get Rid of Stinky Feet

10 Ways A Dude Can Get Rid of Stinky Feet

Foot odor, known as Bromodosis, plagues between 10-15% of humans. Smelly feet can be a symptom of more serious problems like Athlete's Foot and fungal infections. Unfortunately, there is a long list of causes for stinky feet and an even longer list of solutions. We have you covered with our guide to end foot odor. 

Causes of Stinky Feet

Much like the stank of farts, there are plenty of causes for foot odor. Imagine that towel that you use for weeks on end. It is never dry, it never smells good, and you have to wonder what is growing on it.

Your remedy of sticking it at the bottom of the hamper means a tight space with no ventilation. Come laundry day, the smell makes your eyes water. This is a similar condition our feet go through. Here are the biggest culprits for that feet stank.

Poor Hygiene

It should be painfully obvious, but foot health depends on cleaning them. Without proper hygiene, bacteria and fungus will thrive. Letting your paws stand in the soapy after the shower flow doesn't get the job done, dudes. 

Feet Sweat 

Some of us naturally have larger or more active sweat glands than others. This serves as a problem for the gonads, too. The buildup of sweat on our feet feeds bacteria and fungal growth. Not to mention the unpleasant feeling of sweaty feet. 

Lousy Shoes and Socks

We can't all walk around barefoot like a wook at a musical festival. Shoes and socks are essential wardrobe pieces. Poor choices of shoes and socks will lead to sweaty feet. 

Dead Skin 

The skin on our feet must face the brunt of our weight. While moving, this causes friction. This friction will dehydrate the skin on our feet, and it will eventually die. Dead skin is a breeding ground for bacteria, fungus, and feet stink. 


They are gross already, but if not maintained, there can be some serious issues. Our toenails trap in the nasty stuff (think dead skin cells) and are a perfect microclimate for fungus.


Maybe you need to chill out a bit, man. Stress causes all sorts of problems, and lousy foot health is one.

Hormonal Changes

Adaptations in our bodies as we age can cause hormonal changes. These adjustments may lead to odor changes for the entire body. Pregnant women can attest. 

10 Solutions to Combat Stinky Feet for Optimal Foot Health

Solutions for the medical condition of foot odor can range from severe medical treatments to wacky home remedies. We have you set with what works. 

  • Antibacterial soap

Bacteria cause stank in everything, from cheese to hats. It is a leading cause of foot odor. Using antibacterial soap daily while bathing eliminates the buildup of bacteria.

  • Foot Powders 

Foot powders may contain antibacterial, antifungal, deodorant, and antiperspirant ingredients. The powder keeps feet dry and helps to absorb sweat. For natural corn starch dryness, Dude Powder has you covered on all parts of your body

  • Foot Sprays

Much like foot powders, foot sprays contain a range of ingredients for great foot health. Some sprays act as a disinfectant for stank, causing molecules, and some just smell nice. You can find over-the-counter foot spray just about anywhere

  • Moisture-wicking socks 

Technology has evolved for socks like it has for underwear. The buildup of sweat creates an atmosphere ripe for stank. Moisture-wicking socks can help our hooves breathe. If you are going to wear traditional shoes, please wear socks, people.

  • Foot soak delight 

There is a reason pedicures always start with a nice foot soak. The warm water allows for sweat glands to open and makes scrubbing dead skin much easier. The relaxing paw bath works at home too.

  • Grind that dead skin away 

Dead skin will accumulate bacteria and fungi. It isn't only an ugly sight to see; it's poor foot care. Use a foot file and drop all that nasty dead skin.

  • Kicks

Shoes that don't breathe will result in excessive sweating. Of course, dripping in a pair of Gucci loafers is complete swag, but switch it up. Wearing the same shoes each day is bad news for your feet. Lazy fashion, too.

  • Insoles

We all walk with unique pressure points on our feet. This causes friction at spots, leading to sweating. Modern insoles can adjust for these pressure points and can contain deodorizing or antiperspirant elements. 

  • Nutrients

A lack of zinc in a balanced diet can result in odor for the entire body, including our feet. Try a multivitamin that provides the daily value of the important nutrient.

  • See an expert 

Sometimes the last resort is calling in the big guns. A podiatrist can find the unique reason why your feet smell like Sasquatch's armpit. It is a medical condition, after all. 

Healthy From the Ground Up

No one wants to be the guy who smells up a room with their feet. It happens to everyone at some point. Our guide to defeating smelly feet can prevent you from ruining the Sunday football hang with a stinky shoe removal. Good luck out there, and keep those hooves fresh.

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