How To Get Rid Of Those Pesky Tan Lines

How To Get Rid Of Those Pesky Tan Lines

Summer is here and that means getting some good color in the sun. Sure, the “Quarantine 15” may make our Speedos somewhat snug, but getting into the great outdoors is way more fun than sitting at home growing a spare tire.

The slimming effect of a tan can also help mask all those burritos you’ve been putting down while working from home. Not to mention, seeing other attractive humans on the beach at this point is reason enough to get out there and do a little “sightseeing.”

Unless you frequent a nude beach, tan lines will be part of your summertime “ensemble.” They are hard to avoid, but they can be handled. Whether you get a classic farmer’s tan or sport tank tops to show off your guns, tan lines are there to remind you of just how pasty you get during hibernation.

These tips will take your tan lines away, or at least make them less obvious. That said, please don’t even think about wearing socks with your sandals. If you get a tan line kinda deserve it. Otherwise, your tan lines are something of a summertime rite of passage, so don’t sweat them too much.

Self-Tanner Does The Trick

Once you get home and see where your skin is mismatched, use a self tanning lotion or cream to blend the areas together. Be sure to overlap, don’t just dab where the sun didn’t shine. By blending the full section, you won’t wind up with streaks or blotches. You may need to repeat the process to achieve the desired color. Today’s self tanners look quite natural and they don’t have that awful telltale stench you may remember from years ago.

Go All-Natural With Lemon Juice And Honey

Home we come! When life gives you lemons...even out your tan lines. Lemon juice will exfoliate the skin so you can slough off dead skin cells in the area where you have a tan line situation. When you get this spot nice and smooth after exfoliating, you’ll notice the difference between the sections may not be as harsh. Combine the lemon juice with some honey so it doesn’t sting, as honey is soothing and will calm the skin, especially if you have a painful sunburn from too much sun exposure. Rub on some moisturizer or aloe vera, even coconut oil to the affected area afterwards so you don’t peel.

Tanning Salon

While tanning salons aren’t exactly a dermatologist’s dream destination for skin care, it does do the trick for even out a tan. You can hop into the bed in your “birthday suit” and take care of the uneven tan lines in just one session. Try not to make a habit of this practice, but if you have a special occasion and you want to look like you’ve just stepped off the Baywatch set, go for it to get your tone perfect.

Be Proactive

Avoid the dreaded tan lines by never getting any in the first place. Use plenty of sunscreen with a high SPF and cover up as much as you can without overheating. Stay in the shade when possible, and avoid those “peak” hours when the sun is high in the sky. You can still have fun with friends without getting fried.

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