How to Make Your Poop Smell Better

How to Make Your Poop Smell Better

You drop a deuce, flush twice, and light a match—but you’re not fooling anybody. If anything, the aromatic blend of sulfur and fecal remnants is basically like screaming out to the next person who walks in: I just took a massive dump!

You can soundproof your bathroom, but you can’t smell-proof it. Or wait, can you?

How to Make Your Poop Smell Better Instantly

Conventional wisdom says to turn on a fan or open a window to air out the evidence of your dirty deed. But what if your bathroom doesn’t have either? Or worse, what if your poop smells so bad that ventilation doesn’t make a difference?

You need a little something to mask the smell of your poo, as opposed to waiting for the wind to carry it away. That little something is DUDE Bombs Toilet Spray: a blend of natural essential oils like cedarwood and fir. All you have to do is pump a couple sprays in the toilet bowl before your dump. It creates a barrier over the water to neutralize stank on contact—no more embarrassing bathroom exits. 

DUDE Bombs Spray comes in a 100% recyclable aluminum bottle about the size of your hand, so it’s small enough to sneak into your in-laws’ house, office bathroom, or airplane lavatory.

Your bathroom should smell woodsy, fresh, and perhaps even a little mysterious. What just went down in there? Not some kind of gastrointestinal catastrophe, that’s for sure. 

Can You Use Dude Bombs Spray to Mask Farts?

We won’t stop you from trying. DUDE Bombs Spray is most effective when spritzed in your toilet before a bowel movement, so you’d want to emulate that same technique for gas. Anticipate fart, spritz the spray, let it rip. 

If this works, let us know. We love hearing about your off-label DUDE Product hacks. 

Why Not Just Use Standard Aerosol Sprays?

Those overpowering aerosols formulated to cover the smells coming from the fruits of your digestive system have been around forever. But nobody really likes them—and for good reason. 

First off, they’re marketed as air fresheners, yet they often smell disgusting. Hello, the 1980s’ laziest lab technician called: he wants his creepy synthetic scent inventions back. Second, aerosol sprays emit volatile organic compounds. You’re just trying to mask your irritable bowel syndrome here, not give yourself asthma, jeez. 

Do you want a solution that smells good and isn’t a weird environmental disaster? Hello, DUDE Bombs Spray. 

More Ways to Make Your Poop Smell Better

Depending on the cause of the odor, sure. There are three big dietary culprits behind particularly smelly poops. If you want to reduce your odds of a particularly smelly deuce, avoid these:

  • Sulfur-rich foods: red meat, fish, dairy products, beans, and cruciferous veggies
  • Excessive fat: it’s hard for your body to break down, resulting in undigested food contributing to extremely stinky poops
  • Booze: we all know hangover poops are exceptionally repulsive 

In addition to abdominal pain and bloating, general constipation does a number on your poop, smell-wise, when you can finally get one out. That’s because the longer it lingers in your intestines, the stinkier it gets.

The solution? Get your recommended fiber intake, drink a ton of water, cut back on the beer, and maybe reconsider that keto diet. Or, if that sounds like a recipe for zero fun whatsoever, just snag DUDE Bombs Spray and let the chips fall where they may. 

Can Food Intolerances Make Poop Smell Worse?

Unlike our dudes dealing with gastrointestinal disorders, food intolerance isn’t the worst hand to be dealt. If its lactose intolerance leaving you with an unhappy gastrointestinal tract and awful-smelling poop, you know what you gotta do: give up dairy products. Gluten issues? Bye-bye bread and pasta. 

But if you just know you’re gonna slip up and have ice cream or pizza or whatever it is that sets off a four-alarm toilet situation in your bathroom, be courteous and don’t subject everyone else to your second-hand stank. That’s what DUDE Bombs Spray is for. 

What About Medical-Level Smelly Poops? 

Beyond diet-related issues, there could be a medical condition behind your unhappy digestive tract. If you have consistently foul-smelling feces (like, unbearably bad) a trip to the gastroenterologist and not merely the DUDE blog is in order. 

This could be a symptom of healthcare issues like celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome IBS, or inflammatory bowel disorder (IBD).

In the meantime, DUDE Bombs Spray can help alleviate some of your bathroom-related stress, even if it can’t solve gut health issues.

Walk Around Like Your Sh*t Don’t Stank (Literally)

Everyone’s gastrointestinal system is different, and yet everyone’s poop stinks. Yes, even girls. 

The issue isn’t that your poop smells bad—it’s that we often don’t take the necessary steps to mask the stench. Fortunately, modern advances in technology at DUDE HQ have all but eliminated the shame of embarrassing bathroom exits.

Spritz away, get down to business, and get on with your life—the lingering effects of last night’s six beers fully banished from your bathroom. 

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