Meet Team DUDE-SA: Wes Kitts (Weightlifting)

Meet Team DUDE-SA: Wes Kitts (Weightlifting)

The Tokyo Olympics are here and DUDE is supporting a team of elite US athletes to wipe the competition clean and go for the gold. Learn more about each of these amazing athletes and where you can watch them perform during the Tokyo Olympics. 

Wes is proud to be representing the USA in the 109k weightlifting competition. As a 3x Pan American Champion, Wes has been muscled his way to the top of the international Olympic weightlifting community. Holding records in the Clean and Jerk and Snatch, Wes plans to lift the United States above the competition and bring home the gold!

Event Round Date Played Time Played
Men's 109kg Group B Tuesday, August 3rd Starts at 12:50am EDT
Men's 109kg Group A Tuesday, August 3rd Starts at 6:50am EDT

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