The Truth About No Nut November: History, Health, and Hilarious Tweets

The Truth About No Nut November: History, Health, and Hilarious Tweets

For thousands of dudes, the most challenging month of the year isn’t April (tax month) or January (hopelessly clinging to New Year’s resolutions). It’s November—specifically “No Nut November.”

No Nut November has amassed a cult-like following over the past decade. But for those who aren’t familiar, NNN is a challenge for men to give up ejaculation—or “busting a nut”—for the entire month of November.

If that sounds agonizing, that’s because it is. Maybe you’re an active participant reading this blog to distract you from the bottomless pit of porn that’s one click away. Or maybe you’re a fervent masturbator who couldn’t complete a No Nut Night, much less No Nut November.

“Don’t knock masturbation,” said Woody Allen. “It’s sex with someone you love.”

True that.

But if beating your meat is a pleasurable, natural stress reliever, why is there a whole movement dedicated to stopping it for an entire month?

The History of No Nut November

On November 3rd, 2011, Urban Dictionary user bicboi6969696969 submitted an entry for "No Nut November," defining it as a challenge in which "an individual must not masturbate for the month of November." From there, the internet did its thing and turned it into a viral craze every November.

The challenge is widely believed to have been a riff on No Shave November, when men grow out their facial for the month, often for a charitable cause.

It should be noted that the premise of No Nut November wasn’t entirely original. That same year, the subreddit r/NoFap was created to serve as a support group for men looking to avoid porn and masturbation—permanently.

Essentially, No Nut November gained traction as a diet version of the NoFap lifestyle. 

The Rules for No Nut November

Since No Nut November is a loosely organized community, there aren't any official governing “rules” for participants. However, there are some guidelines that most online communities seem to agree upon:

  1. Don’t ejaculate in any way, shape, or form.
  2. The challenge is based on the honor system.
  3. Some participants have adopted a three-strike forgiveness policy, otherwise known as “free nut coupons.” However, traditionalists consider this a cop-out.
  4. You’re allowed to have sex, but you’re not allowed to ejaculate (translation: avoid sex)

Is No Nut November Healthy?

Boxing legend Mike Tyson claims that he didn’t have sex for five years during his reign as the most feared man on the planet. That might seem insane, but research suggests that avoiding ejaculation can significantly spike testosterone levels.

Be that as it may, sex therapists often cite the physical and psychological benefits of masturbation as valid reasons to masturbate regularly (as long as it doesn’t become an addiction).

Los Angeles sex therapist Dr. Chris Donaghue admits his advice contradicts the ideals of No Nut November: “I say, jerk off more, lots more!”

On the other hand (no pun intended), urologist Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt says there is evidence that supports the basis of No Nut November:

“Refraining from ejaculation via sex or masturbation is more an exercise in mind control,” Brahmbhatt told HuffPost. “The time and energy you may be committing to your next Tinder date or watching porn is shifted to your other daily tasks or life goals.”

You might be wondering what happens to your balls when you don’t allow them to bust. Do they swell like balloons? Do you get a horrific case of blue balls? Most likely, your body will just do it for you via a wet dream, or a “nocturnal emission,” as the scientific community calls it.

Bottom line: Your balls aren’t going to explode, so cut the excuses.

What Happens After No Nut November?

Stroking your pee-pee into old socks and/or cheap paper products is undeniably awesome. But even more awesome is bragging that you conquered man’s most potent urge—or as George Costanza called it, becoming “Master of Your Domain.”

Best of all, surviving No Nut November automatically qualifies you to participate in Destroy Dick December.

Go figure.

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