Can Shower Wipes Actually Replace a Shower?

Can Shower Wipes Actually Replace a Shower?

Daryl “Smoke” Martin walked into a truck stop shower somewhere in Kansas and asked himself, “What the f**** am I gonna do?”

There was green and black funk growing on the tile, not to mention a repulsive stench wafting from the drain after god-knows-how-much toe fungus was rinsed down there. 

“As a trucker, it’s hard to find time to shower during your workweek,” says Daryl. “And when you finally do, you have to wait in line for a shower that may or may not have been cleaned properly.”

These days, however, Daryl doesn’t worry about finding a clean shower on the road—he takes his shower with him. 

“Thanks to DUDE Products, I have an alternate solution: shower wipes.”

You might not be forced to bathe in the putrid lavatories of rural Kansas. But every dude deals with body odor—and when a shower is out of the question, shower wipes save you from your stank. If they’re good enough for the backbone of America, they’re good enough for you. 

Still skeptical? Stay tuned.

Not All Wipes Are Created Equally

Unlike baby wipes or face wipes, shower wipes are big enough to clean your whole body in a single-use (DUDE Shower wipes are 8x9 inches, about the size of a paper towel).

Bathing wipes are also extra thick. They feel more like a washcloth than a standard wet wipe, so they’re durable enough for a full-body cleanup without falling apart or drying out.

But what about your precious skin? The last thing you need is to douse your entire body with rubbing alcohol. That’s why we developed cleansing cloths with soothing aloe, vitamin-E, and chamomile to keep you clean without jacking up your skincare routine. DUDE Shower wipes are unscented and alcohol-free with no parabens—they’re even hypoallergenic for all you fellas with sensitive skin.

Bonus: body cleansing wipes conserve water. The average American shower uses 17 gallons of water per shower, but DUDE Shower wipes contain only 0.03 gallons, so you can conquer stank and your utility bill.

How to Use a Shower Wipe

When you need the freshness of a shower without actually showering, just strip down and whip out a wipe. 

Start by scrubbing your face, body, pits, and dude regions. We highly recommend going in that order, for obvious reasons. When you’re done, just toss the wipe in the trash and go on living the fresh life. (Unlike DUDE Wipes, these body wipes aren't flushable).

DUDE Shower wipes are no-rinse and pre-moistened, so you don’t have to worry about splashing yourself with sink water or dabbing yourself off with toilet paper. But don’t take our word for it; take it from this random Amazon reviewer.

“I managed to get clean from head to toe without getting down to a bone dry wipe. At the same time, I didn't feel like I needed to towel off afterward. In that regard, the wipe was perfect.”

When Should You Use a Shower Wipe?

In the Wild

Your skin is covered in a thick film of bug spray, sweat, and mud, but you’re miles away from a shower. You can plunge into poop-infested lake water or surrender to Mother Nature—or be the enlightened outdoorsman and take a pack of DUDE Shower wipes on your next camping trip.

After a Flight

Flying dries out your skin, not to mention those seats are infested with bacteria, sweat, and dead skin cells. But what’s a dude to do if he needs to freshen up immediately after he lands?

DUDE Shower wipes are travel-sized and TSA approved, so you can pack ‘em up and wipe down after a long flight. 


Gym showers are notoriously nasty. Just imagine how many old geezers peed or coughed up a loogie right where you’re standing. And don’t even get us started on gym towels that you know some guy used to dry off his saggy balls right before you.

Keep a shower wipe in your gym bag, so you don’t smell like a gym bag.

When Mid-Afternoon Musk Kicks In

Work sweat is the worst sweat. Not even modern marvels like air conditioning can combat the amount of sweat we churn out in the office. You might not have time for a mid-afternoon shower, but that’s no problem when you can fit your shower in your pocket. 

DUDE Shower wipes are fragrance-free, so you don’t have to worry about smelling like lavender or cheap cologne in the break room. Plus, the aloe vera is a godsend if you suffer from chronically itchy balls.

The Next Evolution in Showering Technology

If you study the history of showering, you'll find it pretty much sucked until recently. Indoor plumbing didn’t exist until 1850 in America. Only a quarter of Americans had running water by the end of the 19th century.

Nowadays, there are plenty of luxurious showers on the market. Still, we had to shift the paradigm and give guys a shower that they could carry in their pocket for on-demand freshness, whether they’re in a truck stop bathroom, a musty cubicle, or anywhere in between.

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