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We're Ending the Work Pit-Check Once and For All

We're Ending the Work Pit-Check Once and For All

For anyone who works the 9-5 grind, humidity is the devil. On a hot, humid day just walking to grab lunch can produce enough underarm sweat to require an immediate wipe down in the office bathroom.

For DUDES that work outside, aside from spraying yourself down with a hose at the end of the day, nothing but a shower at home can save you.

The same applies to folks who bike to work, or workout during their lunch break — it's hard to keep your armpits fresh without a proper shower.

This seemingly eternal issue led us to an admittedly brilliant question: What if you could take your shower with you, wherever you went?

If you're an active guy or experience excessive underarm sweating (also known as hyperhidrosis), it's hard to predict when you'll have to freshen up. So when we looked around for some hyperhidrosis treatment solutions, we were shocked at how bad the advice was. Here's a small sampling (those offering this nonsense will not be named):

  • Facial antiperspirant. Yes, they want you to roll deodorant on your face.
  • Shaving your body hair. We already covered in-depth why this is a terrible idea.
  • A folding fan. A fan that makes you work to cool yourself off...isn't going to cool you off.
  • Take a "bird bath" in the office bathroom. The last thing your boss wants to see when he walks in to drop a deuce is your wet, shirtless body hanging over the sink. Well, maybe no the last thing, but close.
  • Botox injections, prescription antiperspirants, and other overpriced medical treatments from dermatologists.
  • Get a membership at a nearby gym that has a shower. Sorry, but we don't have room in our budget for "full-service work shower."

Thoroughly disappointed, we went to the lab to fix this problem once and for all. The result? The DUDE Shower: no side effects, no sweat stains, no body odor.

Let's face it — we're sweaty beasts — not even modern marvels like air conditioning can combat the amount of sweat we churn out on the job.

We've all worked with "Stanky Steve," the guy who always gave off a spicy, ripe stench no matter the day. Steve probably even showered a couple of times a week, but those scrubbing sessions were no match for his sweat glands. It took until someone was four drinks deep at happy hour to slip up and say Steve's nickname in front of him. That was the last time Steve went to happy hour. Don't be Stanky Steve, DUDES.

So whether you're sweating an afternoon presentation or meeting up with friends at happy hour, regulate your stank. The DUDE Shower gives you a fast and effective way to tame your sweaty armpits and stay fresh on-the-go.

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