After Butt Punt, DUDE Wipes Offers to Clean Up Charmin’s ‘Sloppy Seconds’

After Butt Punt, DUDE Wipes Offers to Clean Up Charmin’s ‘Sloppy Seconds’

With about 90 seconds left in the Dolphins vs. Bills game, Dolphins punter Thomas Morstead attempted to punt out of his own end zone. The kick was blocked and not by the opposing team.

It was blocked by his own teammate’s rear end—a crazy, totally hilarious play that was instantly dubbed the “butt punt.”

The poor DUDE who got drilled was wide receiver, Trent Sherfield. As the butt punt started trending on social media, Charmin (a sandpaper retailer) tried to be slick by tweeting at Sherfield: “Those cheeks are going to need something soft. Check your DMs.” 

We figured Trent was already dealing with enough booty pain, so we swooped in and offered a fresh solution…


Shots fired. 

The clash between DUDE and Charmin was picked up by Yahoo! SportsOutKickThe New York Post, and ESPN’s Monday Night Football Manningcast with Peyton and Eli.


Trent opted not to take a side and suggested we “all be a big happy family.” Fair enough, but we’ve got a stash of wipes set aside for Trent if he changes his mind.

The butt punt isn’t the first time we helped an NFL player capitalize on a butt-related incident. Back in 2018, we inked a deal with Jets running back Isaiah Crowell after he got fined for pretending to wipe his butt with the football mid-game.

So yeah, you could say we’re not really interested in fancy TV commercials—butt punts and illegal touchdown celebrations are more our speed.

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