Is Everything Cake?

Is Everything Cake?

As if 2020 wasn’t confusing enough already, people are now unable to discern between ordinary objects and baked goods. The “is it cake?” meme is putting the internet into a mental pretzel—or is that cake, too? I’m confusing myself. Let’s start over.

On July 8, BuzzFeed’s Tasty posted a compilation video of everyday items that turned out to guessed it: cakes. A red Croc shoe? Nope, it’s cake. A roll of toilet paper? Also cake. Plants, soap, raw chicken? Cake, cake, cake.

The video went viral, which led to the question: Who is the mastermind behind these frosted deceptions? That would be Turkish chef and food artist Tuba Geckil of Red Rose Cake. Her Instagram page is a montage of mind-blowing culinary feats. If you name it, she can turn it into a cake that makes you question reality.

But how is it possible to make a life-sized sculpture of Bob Marley that also happens to be delicious? Geckel uses a baking technique called trompe l’oeil, which fuses art and culinary skills. According to, the phrase translates to “deceive the eye” and refers to objects that are “presented so realistically that they make viewers whether they are actually real.”

Mission accomplished.

Geckil may have just been looking to flex her baking skills and generate some buzz for her business. Instead, she sent the internet into a spiral of existential doubt.

Some people’s paranoia has prompted them to hack away at household items with knives to see what’s a cake and what isn’t.

As a rule of thumb, some cakes are Crocs, but not all Crocs are cakes.

The same logic applies to tissues.

These false-cake incidents have sparked the theory that it could be a special knife that turns everything into cake. Even so, this doesn’t mitigate the trauma of seeing a familiar object, only to have your expectations shattered when a knife exposes layers of frosting inside.

Step aside, pimple-popping videos. We’re now addicted to binge watching “is it cake?” videos. Just don’t press too hard on your phone—it might be cake.

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