That Time We Bought A Bunch of Billboards in Chicago

That Time We Bought A Bunch of Billboards in Chicago

If you live in Chicago and were traveling to see family during the holidays you may have seen our billboards pop up around the city.

When we started DUDE Wipes from our apartment, we didn't even know how much a billboard costs, let alone how to buy one.

Now that we were in a position to do so, we wanted to make sure we made a mark to show the city we love we're here to stay.

We remembered growing up in Chicago at the peak of the 90s Bulls dynasty, when Dennis Rodman put up a mural that stopped traffic every day on the Kennedy expressway.

In honor of The Worm, we wanted to create some traffic stoppers of our own.

As you can see, this one had us all in our feels as we turned over the calendar to start 2022. We think the Chief Executive DUDE of DUDE Wipes put it best we he hoped our success story inspired some hopeful Chicago entrepreneurs on their drive home.

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