How To Know If A Girl Likes You

How To Know If A Girl Likes You

You will know when a girl likes you if you perk up and pay attention. The telltale signs are easy to spot, but it takes some scoping out to get the scoop.

It’s the rare girl who will flat out admit that she’s into you. Girls can be subtle and secretive, coy and confusing. Not to mention, they want to keep you on your toes—your “chase” is what woos them. It would be far too easy if you got the message loud and clear; in fact, you’d both be bored with the obvious signs. She’s not going to slide into your dm's. And she's not going to be sending you a text message to tell you how much she's been thinking about you. This isn't high school. She's savvier than that. A little bit of “cat and mouse” makes things interesting, and if she likes you, you’ll fall right into her trap.

No Talk, All Action

Since she’s not about to declare her desires for you as straightforwardly as you’d like, it’s up to you to seek out the non-verbal signs. Body language is a biggie. She is sure to make eye contact, which is crucial, according to Psychology Today. “People look at people they like and avoid looking at people they don’t like. The neurochemical oxytocin may be responsible for increased eye contact.” Consider oxytocin the “special sauce” that makes girls (and guys) start feeling those flirty butterflies. That said, beware of the girl staring you down; it's not a good sign. You don’t need a stalker.

Being extra "touchy" while talking means she wants to get close to you. She may “accidentally” lean in or brush up beside you, or “oops!” bump into you in the hallway. She’s not a clutz. She’s giving you a cue by engaging in these little things, AKA, invading your personal space. Realize these subtle ways she's showing she wants you and run with it. 


Suddenly, the girl who seemed to only own ratty T-shirts and ripped jeans is all about sass and style. She shows up in form-fitting dresses and rocks her best heels. Even if she’s not the most fashionable of her friends, she spends time sprucing up, especially if she knows she’s going to see you. Call it her "glam giveaway." If she’s lucky, her more fashion-forward gal pals can help her up her game. Like in Clueless, Cher and Dionne helped Tai take her look to a whole new level. Thank those kinds of girlfriends later for making your (hopefully) future babe look so beautiful.

Some guys are clueless themselves when it comes to this concept. But if you want her to maintain her sexier style as a sign of attraction, you’d better come up with some creative compliments. The fact that you’ve noticed will make her like you even more.

A Little Bit Awkward

When a girl is smitten, she may become shy or socially “strange.” She’s nervous about these new feelings, and her behavior reflects her hot and heavy hormones. Don’t dismiss her for being nerdy or needy. Be flattered that she’s attracted to you and her inner awkwardness has emerged. Prepare for banter including personal questions about your relationship status. Anything that will get the conversation going. On the other hand, the dreaded "awkward silence" is just as possible.

Sure, some girls are ultra-confident, and they don’t break a sweat when they’re exploring a romantic interest. But isn’t it kinda cute when a shy girl is as unsure about the whole dating game as you are? Fleeing from the"friend zone" can be frightening. And her fear of rejection is real. Embrace the bumbling and probably means you’re she’s ready to Netflix and chill.

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