The DUDE Stash Box Is Taking Bathrooms By Storm

The DUDE Stash Box Is Taking Bathrooms By Storm

Does your bathroom resemble that of a fraternity house? Have you ever wanted a personal snack drawer within arm’s reach of your toilet? Do you keep your DUDE Wipes on top of the toilet tank you haven’t cleaned in years? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to upgrade your bathroom with the DUDE Wipes Dispenser Stash Box: our premium bathroom organizing shelf with a built-in toilet paper holder.

It’s been called “the greatest bathroom invention since the DUDE Wiper 1000” by The Daily Dookie and “clASSy as hell” by The Turd Times.

Stash Your Sh!t

Our functional-yet-stylish organizing shelf keeps your DUDE Wipes stored right where you need them while keeping them concealed and safe from pee splatters. It’s the ideal solution for keeping your bathroom clean and organized.

“The Stash Box keeps my crib pack safe and gives me a ledge for my burrito,” says Harry Rear.

Already have a hiding place for your wipes? The Stash Box is the perfect place to store other private bathroom essentials like phone chargers, cash, remote controls, tamagotchis, tacos, hot dogs, and more!

“I like to hide candy under the pack so my wife won’t know I’m not going full keto,” says General Booty.

It comes with a reversible toilet paper hanger that can be used in either direction. Better yet, you can remove it entirely if you keep your house TP-free. 

Either way, the Stash Box is made from 100% premium grade steel so it’s eco-friendly, rust resistant, and durable AF. 

Dummy-Proof Installation

No handyman? No problem. 

The DUDE Stash Box comes with dummy-proof installation instructions. We also included a mini screwdriver, screws, and wall anchors to save you a trip to the hardware store.

In six easy steps, you’ll revolutionize your bathroom organization and convince yourself you’re actually pretty handy after all.

Get a Stash Box Bundle on Amazon

We teamed up with the internet overlords at Amazon to create a sweet bathroom bundle: buy a Stash Box and we’ll throw in a complementary crib pack of DUDE Wipes. 

It’s a win-win-win for your butt, bathroom, and bank account. Hustle over to Amazon ASAP

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