8 Ways to Fight Swamp Ass This Summer

swamp ass

TL;DR — “Swamp ass” refers to excessive sweat between your butt cheeks. Some of the best ways to prevent swamp ass include using body powder, wearing breathable underwear or shorts, and removing the excess moisture with a wet wipe.

Have you ever stood up from a dry chair in the summertime, only to feel like you sat in something soupy? Or perhaps you’ve seen a poor dude unknowingly walking around with a giant dark spot on the back of his shorts.

Both of these are textbook examples of swamp ass: the sweaty mess that accumulates in your butt crack and further nether regions—especially in muggy weather.

Swamp ass (AKA “swass” or “swamp butt”) can quickly kill your summer vibes, especially if you’re on a date or on the golf course. Butt don’t worry—there’s hope.

In this article, we’ll explain what causes swamp ass, how to stop it, and when it’s time to see a doctor about your soupy butt.


Swamp ass is a slang term for an excessively sweaty butt crack or crotch. It feels damp, slimy, and hot, hence the term “swamp.” The puddle of sweat often soaks through your underwear, leaving a distinct wet spot on the back of your shorts. Other symptoms of swamp ass include chafing, itching, rashes, and funky odors.

Swamp ass is most common during hot summer days, especially when it’s humid. But swass can also strike during an intense workout or in a room where someone cranks the heat too high.

The term swamp ass appears to have originated in 1995 when an anonymous Usenet poster told another: “Your mother smells like swamp ass.” Swamp ass made it into Urban Dictionary in 2002, and from here it became the go-to slang for a sweaty bum.

Doctors even developed a scientific name for swamp ass: “gluteal hyperhidrosis.”

Typically, the sweat glands you should worry about are located in your underarms (eccrine glands), which release an oily substance that produces body odor. The glands in your nether regions (eccrine glands) produce odorless sweat. However, if your crack isn't clean and you sit in odorless sweat for a while, bacteria and germs can form that create that special swass odor.


Swamp ass occurs when too much perspiration accumulates between your butt cheeks. There’s not much air circulation down there to start with, so when heat and moisture get trapped down there you end up with a bayou-style climate in your crotch.

Sweating is an essential body function that regulates your body temperature. That said, too much sweat below the belt can turn into a breeding ground for bacteria and a chronic itchy feeling.

Here are common culprits of swamp ass:

  1. Environmental conditions, especially high temperatures or humidity
  2. Intense physical activity
  3. Wearing tight, non-breathable fabrics
  4. Consuming spicy food or caffeine
  5. Medical conditions such as hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), diabetes, obesity, and thyroid issues
  6. Certain medications


Swamp ass is a normal bodily function, but it’s an embarrassing one at that. Accordingly, we rounded up eight ways to get rid of swamp ass and stay dry below the belt.


Body powder is like an insurance policy for swamp ass. It absorbs moisture while also deodorizing everything in its path so you stay stank-free and dry.

After drying yourself off from your morning shower, dust your butt with a talc-free powder, ideally one that’s infused with odor-fighting ingredients like menthol and aloe.

Think of it like antiperspirant deodorant for your ass.


Swamp ass usually creeps in during the late afternoon, but you might not have access to a shower. If you're away from your home throne, keep some DUDE Wipes on hand to freshen up between meetings. Unlike dry toilet paper, they’re infused with aloe and vitamin E to soothe your nether regions and keep swass at bay.

If your armpits need attention too, opt for the extra-large DUDE Shower Wipes. It's like having an on-demand shower in your pocket.


If you have a swass problem, you need to invest in some new undies. Basic cotton underwear is good because it's breathable. The downside is once they get wet, they stay wet. Linen is also good because it's the lightest fabric, but it's not exactly practical for everyday use.

So invest in some skivvies with moisture-wicking fabrics like DUDE Underwear. And don't forget to carry a spare pair of underwear in your work or gym bag, which will bail you out from any soiled situations.


Aside from the uncomfortable, moist feeling in your pants, the most embarrassing part of swass is the tire track of sweat that can form on your backside, leaving you wondering if everyone has noticed the festering pond in your pants.

Tight clothing makes this scenario even worse because locks in all the moisture. The solution is to wear loose-fitting or baggy clothing on hot days to give you a better chance of airing out your butt crack. Consider wearing your dark jeans to hide those embarrassing sweat stains better. Comfortable underwear and loose-fitting pants can also cut down on the dreaded chub rub (read: no chafing).


While caffeine can help jumpstart your morning ritual, it also stimulates your central nervous system and activates your sweat glands. So if you're a member of the Big Sweat Club, drinking stimulants like coffee can lead to excessive sweating you don't need (the same goes for meat sweats).


Draining the swamp starts in the shower. While over-showering is definitely a thing, it's a different ball game in the humid summer months. A daily shower will kill nasty bacteria that fester in those forgotten crevices below the belt.


If you have a jungle in your pants, you're allowing all that butt sweat and bacteria to fester in your underwear. The answer for your butt bush isn't shaving or waxing—that's just going to cause more problems, which you can read more about in our post about conquering a hairy ass.

Instead, regularly use a trimmer to manscape your nether regions, which gives all that sweat you produce less room to hide.


Sitting on a soupy butt for long periods of time blocks airflow and presses sweat deeper into your skin, making it even more moist. It might seem counterintuitive since movement makes you sweat, but walking around often can dry up your nether regions by letting your crotch breathe.

Health Risks of Swamp Ass

Aside from gross sensations and embarrassing sweat stains, swamp ass can lead to health issues, such as:


The combination of moisture and friction creates the perfect storm for dry, red, itchy skin between your buttocks.


This skin rash flares up between skin folds (i.e. your butt crack) and gets aggravated by friction and moisture. The most common symptom is a reddish, raw spot that turns crusty.

Heat Rash

When sweat clogs your pores and traps sweat under your skin, it can cause a heat rash. This usually takes the form of small, itchy red bumps.

Fungal Infections

A certain type of fungus called Candida thrives in swamp ass, potentially causing yeast infections like candidiasis. Symptoms of this include a red rash, itching, and burning.

Bacterial Infections

Bacteria such as Staphylococcus can grow on damp skin, potentially causing infected hair follicles (folliculitis) or a deeper skin infection (cellulitis). Common symptoms to look out for include inflammation, redness, and pain.


Swamp ass rarely indicates a serious problem and usually goes away on its own. However, if your crotch is consistently soaked to the point that it interferes with everyday life, you can check with a dermatologist.

It may be the case that you have hyperhidrosis: a condition that triggers excessive sweat, even if you're not exercising or in a hot climate. If that's the case, your doctor may give you a prescription-strength antiperspirant.


Men are sweaty beasts. There are no two ways about it. We churn out nearly a thousand gallons of sweat per year. You can't stop Mother Nature, but a few tweaks to your daily routine will keep your Dude Regions cool and dry, sparing you the shame of a damp derriere.

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